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Introducing the Rapid Steamer from Antunes, the perfect cooking solution for pasta, proteins and vegetables.
Rapid Steamer

01 Prepare More Delicious Food

Unlike common alternatives such as microwaves, the Rapid Steamer uses dry steam to perfectly maintain the nutrients and enhance the texture, color and flavor of your customers’ favorite menu items. The result is a more nutritious, more appetizing final product.

02 Save Time, Money and Space

Shorter cook times. Greater throughput. True versatility across a wide range of menu items. The Rapid Steamer makes it all possible with intelligent programming, optimized steam cycles and a user-friendly touchscreen.

03 Cook More Efficiently

The Rapid Steamer integrates seamlessly into any kitchen environment with its compact design — plus multiple compartments that make it easier than ever to prepare made-to-order menu items.


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